Why Volunteer with the PTO

There’s no denying that getting your children registered for, prepared for and settled into kindergarten is daunting. Throw into the mix the idea of volunteering for the school and/or PTO and that’s enough to make even the most ambitious and outgoing of parents to pass on being a part of the PTO. Myself included, for a little while.

When my son started kindergarten five years ago, not only was I a bit shy and intimidated with the whole process but I also still had a baby at home with me. I felt like life was already a little crazy and bringing a 10 month old to various PTO events didn’t seem ideal to me. Well, if I knew then what I know now I would have gladly brought her along, diving in head first to help. I finally started volunteering about a year ago when my daughter was still in preschool (she’s now in kindy herself) and have enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve made friends, felt like I was contributing to something bigger than myself, have shown my children how much both they and their school mean to me…and on and on and on. The benefits have far outweighed any drawbacks. In fact, I was able to come up with 10 great reasons why I’m glad I made the decision to volunteer…and why I think you should too.

  1. I have a better understanding of how our school operates and more knowledge of what goes on there.
  2. If you’re a SAHM you can sometimes feel like everything you do is for your home, family, etc. And while working with the PTO is benefiting your children, it’s different because you’re working on something that’s bigger than you or your family. You’re doing work that’s beneficial to the whole community.
  3. Or if you work away from home, it’s hard to feel involved with and connected to your kids’ school, especially since a lot of activities and events happen during the day. The DB PTO has so many volunteer opportunities that either happen in the evening or can be plugged into an open time on your calendar. Regular evening meetings, making food for teacher appreciation week, assisting with decorating for an event, etc…we have so many non weekday opportunities, just keep an eye out!
  4. I’ve made some great friends while volunteering and have met more parents than I ever would have otherwise.
  5. My children have also had the opportunity to make new friends and get to know other children they wouldn’t have met had they not come to various events with me.
  6. Volunteering has given me an opportunity to better get to know our school’s teachers, administration and staff. I’m better for it and my kids’ education experience is better for it.
  7. I’m proud to be able to use my time and professional skills to help improve my children’s educational experience, and the educational experience of other children.
  8. I’m able to have a voice in what is happening in our school and have an outlet to discuss or share concerns.
  9. By being involved in our school and freely volunteering my time to help our school and community, I’m setting a good example about the importance of both education and citizenship to my children.
  10. Volunteering can be hard work but it’s also so incredibly rewarding…and fun! Maracas, anyone? 🙂

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of volunteering benefits and I promise it’s a lot easier and less intimidating than it seems. We hope to see you at an event or meeting soon!